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Read This Review To Discover How You Can Quickly And Dramatically Develop A Successful Freelance Web Design Business With Very Little Outlay!

Having long been contemplating the benefits of being a freelance web designer I decided to take a giant leap of faith and enter the world of freelance web design. 

As you can appreciate, that process presented quite a few obstacles and challenges but I persevered and soon found that not only was I developing some keen web design skills, but also I was really starting to enjoy working freelance with web design.

All of that started around five years ago and fast forward to the present day I am going stronger than ever with my freelance web designing and have recently discovered something amazing which has changed the way I do web designing making it so much simpler, more enjoyable and gratifying, as well as of course being more profitable.

In this review I’m going to share with you the process I am now using to successfully acquire and deliver new web design projects which offers an enormous advantage to anyone either getting into freelance with web design or perhaps already working as a freelance web designer but maybe interested in discovering a much better way of doing things by removing the typical struggle that goes with web design freelancing. I only wish there had been these opportunities and tools when I first started out as it would have made life so much easier and fast tracked me to a higher level of success and profitability much sooner.

So let me just backtrack a moment and tell you a little more about my background and how I got started with Web Development:

My name is Nazreen Daud, I am a self taught developer and have been freelancing since late 2013. I was born and bred in Singapore and I feel proud and privileged to live here but one downside is that the cost of living is quite high and everything tends to be expensive. That presented me with some considerable financial challenges when I first started out to earn a living online because in my eagerness to create a substantial income I made so many costly mistakes chasing bright shiny objects and that wasted a lot of precious time and money. So I struggled along until I discovered freelancing and that was the major change I had been hoping for. Now I didn’t go from zero to hero overnight and in fact when I first started freelancing I worked for free and this allowed me to gain a lot of experience working with startups and small businesses.

I persevered with it and thankfully it paid off because within 6 months of applying myself and being proactive I managed to secure a $7,000 project from one of my client referrals and that really boosted my sense of achievement and made me so happy to realize that my ambition to become a web design freelancer was really starting to happen. After achieving that milestone I managed to command my rates based on my portfolio and work has been steady since then. I’ve now arrived at the enjoyable position where I can pick and choose the projects I work on and get well paid for my efforts.

Of course whilst I was building up my freelance web design business which I named “Roquepress” I maintained a full time job as a web developer for an international company to provide a solid financial foundation until I could build up my freelancing business to the point where now it’s  bringing me a steady 4-figure monthly income. In fact I have just recently been able to leave my “day job” and go full time with my freelance web design business as the growing income and client base has become too large for it to be sidelined any longer as a part time interest. It’s been hard work staying focused and being consistent but it sure has paid off as I’ve now been able to achieve financial freedom through my freelance web design business which I’d like to share with the world,.. because if I can do it then so can you!

Let me share with you some of the benefits of freelance web design

As a freelance web designer you can create your own working paradigm which allows you to;

Work from home

Flexible Work Hours

Be your own boss

Choose your projects

Get paid for your skills

Work on variety of projects

To summarize I’d say that the biggest advantages of being a freelance web designer are in the freedom it provides along with the ability to control your own income as well as being able to work from anywhere to a schedule that suits you personally. Once you get established as a freelance web design specialist then your job stability actually increases because you’re no longer dependent on one boss or one company or job description to determine your income or viability. 

It’s just so incredibly gratifying to be able to work at something which allows you to express your creative ability whilst working with different people and delivering websites that look and work great for delighted clients who will often then give you other work and introduce you to new clients as well.

Freelance web design can be a very profitable business when you know how to go about it the right way and I’m going to share some insights with you now that I think you’ll find extremely valuable in your own efforts to establish yourself as a successful freelance web designer.

OK, so let’s get right into the nitty-gritty of how you can achieve success as a freelance web designer.

There are 2 main elements to this which are very simple and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to these.

The secret to achieving these 2 main objectives is in using the best and most practical tool to build awesome websites and that tool is called “Divi”,- a truly remarkable and powerful website building software which works with the Internet’s most popular CMS website platform,… WordPress! Divi and WordPress are a match made in heaven and a pure delight for any freelance web designer as the functions and features are so practical and versatile that the process of building stunning websites is made very simple as you don’t need to know a thing about coding!

Everything that you need to create awesome websites has been built into Divi

Once you start to freelance with Divi you’ll soon understand that you can create virtually any type of website or web page imaginable with it. Whether you’re building a complex multi-page website with graphics, sliders, pop up windows, gradient and image backgrounds, shadowed content boxes, video and image galleries, portfolios, showcases, contact pages and so much more, – Divi can do it all. If you need to create a single Landing page with an optin form then you can also do that very easily with Divi.

With Divi you can create sales funnel pages without the need for expensive monthly subscriptions to special page builders which don’t even offer anywhere near the same design functions that Divi has.

Divi builds upon the WordPress platform and that allows you to build very versatile and customizable websites with simple back-end admin controls because WordPress is an open-source free CMS (Content Management System) which in fact is used to power 30% of the Internet’s top 10 million websites. The powerful combination of Divi and WordPress enables you as a freelance web designer to create some of the best and most impressive websites on the Internet. Moreover, Divi is inherently SEO friendly and fully compatible with excellent WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and you can also run A/B split tests for any website page you create with Divi. This is a hugely advantageous feature especially with landing pages and splash pages.

Some of the Typical Alternative Website Builders Compared With Divi

For many people who want to build a website themselves, or to build one quickly, they’ll go with one of the popular website building platforms such as Wix or Weebly or Squarespace. All of those platforms have a free version which in fact is quite good for anyone wanting just a quick and simple website to get started with. However, some of the more sought after features have to be paid for and require monthly payments which soon add up.

This is why a lot of users of those simple site builders end up going with a custom built alternative because the cost to value/features just doesn’t stack up in the end. For the aspiring freelance web designer there’s just too many limitations with the likes of Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, let alone the added monthly cost of getting the necessary functions to create a decent website. Compare that with the option of using Divi & WordPress and you’ll be astounded at both the cost saving and the enormous gap in design and functionality that Divi offers.

A quick overview of Divi & WordPress shows them to be the clear winner when it comes to creating awesome websites quickly and simply.

Wix, Weebly & Squarespace etc, are not open source platforms and have restricted design and function capabilities compared with WordPress which is an open source platform that can be individually customized if required and also features thousands of “plugins” (modules) that take functionality to extreme levels. What’s more, with Divi there are dozens of style “layouts” which act as a premade template you can work from and very easily customize to your own design preferences.

Apart from being extremely user-focused and simple to use via the point and click functionality and front end visual editor, Divi can create virtually any type of website design.

Divi 4.0 offers extensive control over a vast array of design components including:

Gradients and image/video backgrounds

Make your pages look truly outstanding

Scores of font options

Including Google & Custom Fonts


Choose from dozens of awesome templates

Parallax and smooth scrolling

Projects a very professional effect

Custom menus

Including dropdown sub-menus and hidden menus

Countdown Timers

Ideal for special offers & optins

Clickable buttons

Including CTA “Call to Action” buttons

Social Media Icons

An important feature made easy

Google Maps

Create impressive maps on the fly

Contact Forms

An essential inclusion so simple to create

Block Type Structure

An important feature made easy

Logos & icons

Small features making a huge difference

Info & Pricing Tables

An essential inclusion so simple to create

Image & video galleries

An important feature made easy

Team member featuring

Present key people like a pro


Normally a real challenge but Divi makes simple

Slider panels or pop-ups

Subtle presentations easily done

A/B split testing

An invaluable feature built right into Divi

Best of all you can control every element with animation so that text, images and sections will move dynamically as the user enters the website either via a desktop or mobile device. The effect is amazing and creates a professional impression that was previously only available to a few designers and programmers who had the skill-set to make such things happen. There are also options for full section custom CSS (styling) for added professional versatility.

Divi makes it so simple and places you as the expert with the full gamut of design control at your fingertips and without knowing anything about coding.

Divi 4.0 features an easy to use backend building block editor as well as a back-end/front-end editor, and the icing on the cake is the visual front-end editor which allows you to edit directly in the front end browser and enables you to instantly see the effect that every edit makes. Using the combined suite of editing options makes Divi 4.0 an absolute dream to use.

When delivering your completed web design to clients there’s also a Divi theme role editor which allows you to control just how much of the backend admin design and editing functionality you want to give to clients.

Getting Started as a freelance web designer couldn’t have been easier

  1. A domain name and web hosting (You MUST use a good host – I recommend Siteground)
  2. Divi + WordPress


Superior Web Hosting Makes All the Difference

The other part of the equation is to make sure that you have the best hosting solution possible as this will ensure that your website and web pages load faster and render smoothly. That’s critically important because with web hosting servers that are slow and cumbersome they can’t handle the processing required to deliver fast page loads and glitch free browsing. That translates to an inferior browsing experience and an increased bounce rate (visitors leaving your site too soon).

That’s why I exclusively use and recommend Siteground web hosting services as they specialize in hosting WordPress websites and have some of the fastest processing times available on the internet. I was happy with my previous host but when I tested Siteground and discovered that the ping and packet send tests I ran were around 25% faster with less packet loss (the ability to transmit data) then I was convinced. Best still, the cost of Siteground hosting wasn’t any more expensive than what I had been using and also compared with many other significantly inferior hosting solutions.

I’ve created this ‘freelancing with web design’ website to help the new and established web design freelancer to help to achieve web design freelance success.

I hope you’ll bookmark this site and continue to use it as a valuable resource as I’ll continue to add fresh content to support you in your objective to freelance with web design. You can also check out my web design website Roquepress that I use in my own freelance web design business as that could act as a good reference point for you.

There’s also an in-depth informative review on my website that I created as a Divi review and guide which you might like to check out as well:

 As you’ve taken the time to read this review I’d now like to offer you a free report titled “How to Get Started with Freelance Web Design”and for a limited time I’m also including these added bonuses:

  • Website Questionnaire Template
  • Initial Client Proposal Template
  • Contract Template

Those 3 added bonuses alone could make the difference in deciding your success and profitability over the next 12 months as you pursue your objective to become a successful freelance web designer. By providing these tools I am actually helping you to cut out a huge chunk of challenges and reduce your learning curve as you begin to freelance with Divi. I won’t try to tell you that it takes zero effort to make a success of becoming a freelance web designer as there are challenges and obstacles and there is a learning curve to rise above, but I can assure you that “Freelancing With Web Design” is here to help you achieve your goals so you can start turning your time and passion and creativity into a valuable source of income that can transform your lifestyle. 

Start Freelancing Today!

Now you know how to go about establishing yourself as a freelance web designer by following the simple guide I’ve set out for you in this review. All that remains is for you to get started by taking four simple steps:

siteground with divi
Get Your Enhanced WordPress Account
Get DIVI, the Best Website Builder Around
Opt-in For a Free Guide to Get Started

Let’s Get Started

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